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Resolution 2017: Connect, Lead, & Succeed!

The Way You Think Can Change the Game in 2017

Jonathan Titus

A FREE Webinar

Recorded January 12, 2017

Hosted by Jonathan Titus, MBA, CPLP
Director of Continuing Education
Bellevue University

When even minor adjustments to the way you think creates major success in your life — and your work — it's as if a light bulb turns on and people often exclaim "AHA!" or "How did I not see this until now?!" Highly successful people share unique thinking practices. And, with consistent practice, you can learn and use these same habits to positively change your life!

The Way You Think Can Change the Game is about these unique thinking practices. Even small changes in the way you think can result in big changes in your life. Watch this webinar and you will get 3 takeaways:

  1. You'll learn three ways to apply strategies that help you think like successful people think.
  2. You'll learn one important pitfall to avoid — so you can stay on track toward greater success in 2017.
  3. You'll be empowered to turn your resolution into a revolution — learn the secret to leaping into huge improvements in the new year — instead of wimpy, little, incremental changes.

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