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Strategic Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Master of Science Degree

Expand your ability to be a partner in organizational decision making, problem solving, and strategy with this degree. When you graduate you will be well-equipped to bring a strategic, thoughtful approach to employee engagement, personnel selection, talent management, performance, and succession planning. Plus, you will be empowered with statistical and analytical tools to tackle complex organizational challenges, and prepared to build a dynamic, motivated workforce. This applied psychology program features opportunities to complete projects that solve relevant issues within your current employment environment or chosen organization.

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7 Great Reasons to Consider a Master's Degree

Thinking about earning your master's degree? Here are the top reasons that most people decide to earn their master's degrees.

Bellevue University Ranked Top 20 Master's Degrees

  • Business Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Project Management

– Online Course Report 2017-2018

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