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Public Health

Bachelor of Science Degree

Learn the key skills and knowledge to develop educational initiatives that promote better health within communities. While working on your online public health degree, you can choose an emphasis to focus on that aligns with your personal career goals. Choose from community health, public health disaster management, and school health.

Explore the trends in healthy practices of people in their communities and what their health service needs are. As a public health professional, you could plan and promote strategies in prevention and assess health policy, programs, and healthcare access.

You can promote healthy living for students in grade levels 7-12 by becoming a health educator. Earn a BS in Education degree with a Health Education subject endorsement.

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Courses in the major include:

This course introduces basic concepts, anatomical terminology, cell structure and function and histology, followed by an in-depth study of the anatomy and physiology of the following organ systems of the human body: Integumentary, arthrology, muscular, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. A mandatory laboratory component supports and amplifies the lecture material and allows the student to study microscopic anatomy on slides and to perform dissection on representative animal models. An online component allows the student to practice course content with additional exercises. Prerequisites: BI 100 is required for Biology majors, strongly recommended for Health Science majors.
This course consists of an in-depth study of the gross and microscopic anatomy and the physiology of the following organ systems of the human body: The central and peripheral nervous, endocrine, sensory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, and excretory systems. A mandatory laboratory component will support and amplify the lecture material and allow the student to perform dissection on representative animal models. An online component will allow the student to practice course content with additional exercises. Prerequisites: BI 201 or Instructor permission (3 credit hrs lecture; 1 credit hr lab)
This course consists of the study of the nutrients required by the human body, the foods from which they are obtained, their utilization by the body and their importance for the maintenance of optimal health throughout the life span. 3 credit hours
This course examines the theory and practice of health communication. Emphasis is placed on interpersonal relationships, social and cultural issues, and mediated messages concerning health communication.
This course offers an analysis of research, practice, and policies concerning gender, culture and health. Focus will include the examination of the intersections of social categories, such as gender, race / ethnicity, social class, and sexuality, with conceptualizations of health, healthcare delivery, and health-related policies. Students will apply theory to the understanding, critique, and construction of health, explore health- related issues within a global context, evaluate ethical dilemmas in real-world case studies, and critically analyze the impact of power in specific health-related areas.
Public health is a growing discipline that strives to promote health of the community. This course provides an introduction to the history, science, and principles of public health, as well as opportunities to learn about current issues and approaches in the field.
The focus of this course is on the consumption of healthcare research and the application of evidence-based practice for healthcare professionals. This course introduces types of research methodologies, data collection, analysis of data, and the interpretation and application of best practices in healthcare settings.
This course provides an introduction to health behavior as a key construct of the public health role. This course will cover topics in health behavior, culture, communication, as well as perspectives applicable to individuals, groups, and communities. Focus will be to explore emerging trends and theories of health behavior and provide a platform to investigate evidence based interventions.
This course examines relevant, contemporary issues related to health literacy and the role health literacy has on an individual and the public's ability to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.
This course is essential for public health educators in a variety of settings This course focuses on the study of the distribution and determinants of disease, health conditions or events among a population with emphasis on current health problems and issues as it relates to real life application to address public health programs and health policy.
This course is designed to develop the understanding, attitudes, and practices that contribute to better individual and community health.
This course examines relevant definitions and topics of medical ethics and the process of decision making within medical environments.
This course will present the principles of human growth and development from conception to death. Topics to be included in the course are methods of child study, consideration of individual differences, and analysis of patterns and sequences of development.

Choose one emphasis option (9 credit hours):

  • School Health
  • Community Health
  • Public Health Disaster Management

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